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Sonic Forces: Knowing the Different Race Tracks in The Game

There are over thirty levels in Sonic Forces that can be seen before each race. Each stage corresponds to a specific area within the map. These are the Green Hill, City, Mystic Jungle, and Sky Sanctuary areas. Originally, each area has seven different levels, but in subsequent patches, the devs had one or two levels removed.

Except for Sky Sanctuary, most of the aforementioned areas have courses that call back to the early Sonic the Hedgehog games. For example, iconic places such as the Green Hill, Mystic Jungle, and the City have different playable tracks that depict specific themes like the classic 360 degree-loop in Green Hill. That loop is one of the signature designs for the previous Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Sonic Forces PC Race

The Sky Sanctuary levels are also new additions for this game. They are similar to the City maps, but with more drops, and a futuristic level design. There are also more grind rails and dash panels to help players reach break-neck speeds at certain parts. It’s definitely worth testing your racing skills on!

Moreover, some maps are a call back to the recent Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The Street Retreat from the Golden Bay Zone is one stage that pays homage to the new live-action film.

Be Wary Of Dangerous Map Hazards

Each race course has a plethora of obstacles and map hazards that you need to avoid. These include Spikes, Bottomless Pits, Grind Rails, Low Bridges and Boulders, Barriers, and Dr. Eggman’s Robots. Players will have to jump over, duck under, and change course accordingly once they see these hindrances on their path. Luckily, the controls are responsive enough so players can make a smooth transition.

Meanwhile, the Dash Panels and Conveyor Belts offer sudden bursts of speed whenever a player runs through them. These are exceptionally useful especially since they pop up just before a long jump or a high-arching loop that needs speed in order to be cleared.

With so many maps to choose from, and so many obstacles to take note of, playing Sonic Forces truly makes you feel like you’re always running against the clock. As such, you have to bring your solid A-Game every time you race on these levels! So put your skills to the test by downloading and playing Sonic Forces on PC! Win the most challenging races by playing the ultimate gaming experience!